Apple HomeKit

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is a framework provided by Apple that allows smart devices (IoT) to be controlled by a single app; Home app of site icon. Compatible devices usually have the works with Apple HomeKit badge.

Works with Apple HomeKite badeg

If a device doesn’t have the HomeKit mark it doesn’t mean it won’t work with an Apple product it simply means it won’t work with the Home app. The disadvantage of not having a HomeKit compatible device is you have to switch between apps to control them, unless all your devices are from the same manufacturer.

Why have a HomeKit compatible device?

You can combine and control many different devices from many different manufacturers with a single app. It allows you to set scenes too and activate these at the tap of a button in the Home app or by using Siri. For example saying “Hey Siri, its movie time” could mean that it switches off the main light, turns on the lamps, turns the TV and AppleTV on and launches AppleTV+. The key thing to remember is that all these devices can be from different manufacturers.

What Apple devices do you need?

You’ll need to set up one of three devices as a home hub; iPad, HomePod or AppleTV (the box not the App). And an iPhone, iPad or Mac to set it all up.

Is Apple HomeKit secure?

Yes it is, the biggest draw is that you don’t have to sign up to 3rd party services to link the smart devices together. For example if you want to link a smart bulb to Apple Home you simply scan or enter a code manually. The alternative could mean having to sign up to the smart bulb services then link that account to a smart home app, so ten different devices could mean ten different accounts and not knowing what’s happening to your data.

The Apple device you use as the hub acts as the gate keeper adding an extra layer of security to your devices, any processing that is required is done on your device and not in the cloud, so your data is your data.