Organise your mind

image of sketched brain

A short guide on how to organise those thoughts and ideas, to help clear that mind clutter.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your head organised, especially when you’re stuck indoors. There are Techniques you can use to help organise your mind and make sense of what’s going on. It doesn’t all have to be tasks either, it could be emotional and how you’re feeling. This could help get your emotions under control and think about them in a rational way, which in turn will help you work through them.

The technique I Personally use is mind mapping:

At the centre is you, then add those thoughts, tasks or feelings that have been playing on your mind. It could be a combination of all of them.

You can do this by hand or digitally. I use an App called MindNode. You might find you’re better connected to the process if you do it by hand. (Can be messy though).

Don’t be afraid to branch out into each one and further break them down. There's an example in the video below.

After going through this exercise you’ll be able to start dealing with each one.

You should have short term, medium-term and long term goals.

Make a list of actions that you need to do in order to accomplish the objectives. Break them down further if need be. Make sure that they are SMART:

OK. I know it seems a bit like marketing, but it's a practical and pragmatic way of dealing with all those things going around in your head.