True darkness does not exist

image with sketcedh eye

Shedding some light on those moments in life when it can get difficult.

At times when you feel like you can’t see anything, when you feel like it’s tough, just remember it’s just that you're finding it hard to make sense of what’s happening at the moment.

If you asked an owl or a cat is it dark they would have a different answer. You would be able to debate what is darkness. Even in science, there is no real darkness, if you use an electron telescope you will see things that you can not see with the naked eye.

So remember even on your darkest days there is always light somewhere and you must find the strength to seek this light out.

Finding this strength isn’t always easy but there are things you can do to help navigate this illusion of darkness:

A chat with a friend or impartial person, someone who doesn’t judge you. Your not looking for advice, all they need to do is simply listen.

Exercise, workout, run or dance, anything that gets your heart racing in a positive way, the euphoria you feel afterwards is worth it, it will also help clear and organise your mind.

Take up a hobby, it can be absolutely anything the more not you it is the better, make it fun one where you can focus on preferably without distraction — carpentry, knitting or painting and drawing, even playing with Lego can be fun.

Learn to relax, I don’t mean sit in front of a TV and just vegetate, I mean properly relax, take some timeout for yourself. Get your hair done, go to a spa, take a small trip and get away from your daily life for a while.

Make some time for yourself, to do the thing or things you enjoy, don’t put it on hold, don’t think you’ll do it later, do it now or put it in the calendar to actually make time for it.

Lastly don’t forget to breathe, I mean intentionally breathe, just 2 minutes of mindful breathing a day will make a world of difference. Slowly take a deep breath in and really listen and focus on the air coming in and your chest expanding and slowly breathe out, again concentrate on the breath leaving your lungs. Do this repeatedly for at least 2 minutes per day.